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Creative. Convenient. Professional.

Crafting Your Perfect Real Estate Investment Journey

What are you not receiving today?

It is very common to find pundits in the media talking about mortgage interest rates and how high or low they are.  But, things that you would not find so easily are Personalized AdviceCustomized Solution or Professional Service.


At times, you would be left wondering if the mortgage solution offered to you will really solve your needs or just the seller's.  And, you might realize that only years later and by then the damage would be real and costlier to recover from.  Further, you may struggle to receive regular updates from the bank you are dealing with, or they might reject your mortgage application at the last minute. 

Purchasing a home is hard enough and having to deal with such uncertainties can literally break your bank!

​That’s the reason an increasing number of Canadians are working with independent mortgage professionals, like at Home'N'Mortgage.  


Here at Home'N'Mortgage, we go a few steps further than what the banks and our fellow mortgage professionals offer:

  • Discover a distinctive End-to-End Advisory service tailored for clients seeking direct mortgage solutions from their banks.

  • Experience a seamless 100% Digital Journey, from mortgage application to swift approval.

  • Benefit from Rapid Turnaround time, with approvals typically granted within 24 to 48 hours—ideal for those facing last-minute rejections from banks and other lenders/brokers.

  • Our service boasts Sophisticated Offerings designed to meet the unique needs of Self-Employed professionals, Incorporated borrowers, and Real Estate Investors.

  • Enjoy Extended Service Hours and Timely Updates to keep you informed every step of the way.

  • And, rest assured, we offer Competitive Interest Rates alongside a comprehensive Cost-Benefit Analysis for every transaction


Services to meet all your needs

Creative Financing

Consigliere Service (Advisory only)

Alternate Investments

Personal Income Tax Reduction (using Mortgage)

Reverse Mortgages

What our Clients say about Us

Neil was a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgeable, responsive and will do his best to get you the best deal.

Neil was great to work with.  He took the time to get to know me and create the plan to move things ahead.  In this climate, being able to utilize your equity properly
is key and working with Neil helps ensure I can get the best rate possible and also work with you step by step in the journey.  

Neil was very responsive and professional. I had gone through a few mortgage brokers and he was the only one able to get financing on this specific deal. Definitely recommend.

Our Story

With qualifications in Engineering and Business Administration, Neil boasts nearly two decades of consulting and project management experience at Fortune 500 companies, coupled with successful real estate investments. Upon immigrating to Canada, Neil navigated the home buying process, initially relying on professional guidance. However, his growing understanding of Canadian financing and real estate led him to reflect on missed opportunities due to insufficient advice. Recognizing this gap in the market, Neil was inspired to launch his own mortgage financing and investments business. To date, he has empowered hundreds of clients to make informed decisions, leveraging his expertise to guide them towards financial success.


Trust Neil to help you embark on the right path towards achieving your goals in mortgage financing and Real Estate investments!

Let's get you started


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