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Dissatisfied with returns on your investments?

Do not remain satisfied with inconsistent and/or low returns on your investments.  Explore and diversify into non-traditional investment vehicles for higher risk-adjusted returns and consistent income.

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What's hurting your investment portfolio?

You have a successful career with a great job and/or business, may have couple of real estate investments and follow a regime of investing in financial instruments via RRSP, TFSA, Non-Registered accounts, etc. but:

  • Are not satisfied with the returns on your investments

  • Returns from current investments do not provide regular and consistent returns

  • Find the stock market to have a rich valuation and are fearful of a fall or stagnation

  • Do not want to deal with tenants / buy more rental properties

  • Are Retired or are nearing retirement and are looking for monthly income (to augment Pension and possibly OAS)

  • Want to benefit from a healthy Real Estate market but without having to own properties or invest a very large sum of money

  • Want to diversify current investments and reduce risk concentration

Decisions around investing your money is a very personal decision and you must take a call depending on your knowledge, comfort and risk appetite/tolerance.  A possible solution that we can offer to above mentioned concerns and constraints could be ‘Lending towards Private Mortgages / Loans”.  While there are number of brokers and brokerages which facilitate the lending of private funds for mortgages, what we have to offer stands out from the crowd.

We work with a set of hand-picked borrowers who are looking for private funds to complete the acquisition and renovation of properties being constantly added to their existing rental portfolio.  These are Prime borrowers with A+ credit scores seeking funds for a short period of time and providing 8% to 17% returns depending on the scenario.

Discover new possibilities
How it works?

The process starts with an investor consultation session wherein we find out your investment goals and time horizon & fitment with the solutions we can presently offer.  If we discover that our solution fits your requirements, then we will present specific opportunities for you to select from.  Once selected, you can fund the deal in as little as 3 to 4 days and all it requires is a visit to your bank to transfer the funds.

All associated costs (legal, fund transfer, broker, etc.) are covered!

Our experience

One thing that Neil recognized early enough in his life (with some help from his wife!) is that it doesn’t matter how much one earns but rather how its used.  Since, then he has always saved a significant portion of his paycheck and channelled it towards investments across asset classes like, common stock, bonds, real-estate (houses, apartments, and land), precious metal etc.  In addition to capital appreciation strategies, he has studied and implemented Option trading strategies to generate income. 

However, he realized that these approaches come with several demands like, requiring significant capital, long investment horizon, constant monitoring, high tolerance to risk, liquidity constraints, etc. and offer relatively negative to low cashflow in the interim.  Also, while returns over long time horizon can be awesome, they suffer from inconsistent returns in the short term.

The concept of Private Lending was introduced to him by a mortgage broker couple of years ago and since then he has gradually increased the share of his investments in the Private Mortgages/Loans space and has successfully balanced his portfolio to generate consistent cashflow, steady returns and continued capital appreciation.

He has also helped a number of his past & existing clients tap into this rewarding investment strategy using both registered and non-registered accounts.

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