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Confused, Distressed or Fearful?

Making decisions can become difficult and costly when you do not have or get appropriate and timely advice

What's holding you back?

If you are one of the many Canadians who are looking to purchase a home or go through a real-estate / financing transaction probably once every 5 years or so, you probably:

  • Have a fear of the unknown and not sure as to how it all works

  • Have a mortgage pre-approval but the mortgage eligibility depends on so many factors like property tax, condo fees, rental income (from basement), etc. and these factors change with each property that you look to bid for

  • Are confused regarding the various products, lenders, mortgage types, terms and conditions involved

  • Doubt the advice being given by your bank’s mortgage advisor (Ugly fact:  They do NOT have a fiduciary responsibility to provide you a sound advice)

  • Don’t know how much money you might require towards downpayment, lawyer fees, land transfer tax, HST etc. 

  • Are unsure what your monthly expenses could be or if you even can keep up with it

  • Maybe you approach your bank, and they are not being attentive to you

  • Don’t have anybody with whom you can consult and get un-biased feedback

Informative Interview

Our Solution - The Advisory Service

The way the real estate and financing industry operates right now, it is nearly impossible to get truly professional advice from mortgage professionals as the industry is fragmented and these professionals are under extreme pressure to make a sale (100% commission only compensation).  Now, imagine if you can get the professional advice and guidance, you deserve and be 100% assured that it’s in your best interest.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Introducing “The Advisory Service”, a unique consulting & advisory only service to help guide you with the financial aspects of any real estate transaction (purchase, refinance, equity take out, investments, etc.).  Until recently, such a service would have been accessible and available only to the ultra-rich and high net worth individuals, but our goal is to democratize such a service.

Here is how we help you

Once you are signed up for the service, we will perform a deep-dive into your requirements, work out possible solutions, educate you on the various choices available to you and provide recommendations regarding which Banks or Lenders would be able to provide the best solution for your needs.  To remain truly un-biased, we will not process the mortgage application ourselves or engage any of our partners to do so.  However, we will be with you each step along with the way, helping you determine the maximum purchase that you can bid on properties (changes with each property if you didnt know), compare the various mortgage financing offers you secure, understand clauses in the lender commitment that can make a difference in your financing and and help you choose the best fit solution. 


We also recognize that completion of the transaction is not the end of the journey for you and hence we will equip you with appropriate tools to extract the best out of the chosen solution (otherwise you are most often leaving money on the table) and be available for annual consultation.

Let's get you started


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