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Creative Financing solutions for complex circumstances

Big Banks are good at addressing the financing needs of employed borrowers but not so much when it comes to addressing more complex situations.

Rejected by the Bank?

Each one of us have our own unique situations and it can be quite difficult to obtain financing from traditional lenders if you:

  • Are Self Employed, be it Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Incorporated

  • Have been in business for less than 2 years

  • Have non-traditional sources of income or cash income

  • Run a cannibas store or business

  • Have low income but high Net Worth

  • Have a lower income than what traditional lenders require

  • Have a lower credit score and/or have high debts

  • Have been bankrupt or have been through consumer proposal

  • Want to purchase land, student rental, short term rental etc.

  • Already have 2 or 3 rental properties and want to expand the portfolio

  • Looking to buy multi-unit property(s), mixed use, or commercial property(s), etc.

And many more such complex situations

Have you considered?

The Big banks and traditional lenders either do not offer financing in such situations or it is very difficult to navigate through the process.  Hence, such situations called for creative financing solutions. 

We have a keen understanding of the various products offered by our traditional and non-traditional lender partners and we closely collaborate with them to find creative and winning solutions whatever may be your unique situation.

What our clients say
How it works?

We follow a very simple and streamlined approach wherein we have an initial discovery call or meeting with you.  We are often able to offer quick assessment of what it would take to address your requirements and follow-up with detailed options usually within 24 hours of consultation. 

Once you review the options, we will be able to proceed with document collection and submission of the mortgage application at short notice.  Usually, it takes a while to organize the documents and so the more prepared you are the faster we will be able to make progress.

Our goal is not to keep you waiting but put your mind to rest knowing that we can solve your problem!

Ask an Expert
Our credentials

As a business owner himself, Neil very much appreciates the challenges facing the self-employed community and has successfully helped several clients overcome their challenges.  Sometimes, the cost of such a solution can appear to be be high at first glance but benefits most often far exceed the costs.  Anyhow, Neil is very conscious about costs involved and will guide you such that these measures are in place for just the optimal time duration and that there is an exit plan available for his clients. 


His goal is to enable his clients to be in a better situation than when they first approached him.

Let's get you started


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